Oh, the Humanity

by David Charles



Re-recorded, re-mastered song from the album "Wake of Someday" released in 2005.


Do you remember when were reckless?
We were careless
We'd jump off bridges and never sink
Do you remember when we were thoughtless?
We were fearless
We'd walk these streets and never think

Those days are dead
And we've got nothing left but our lives to live

We'll tip it back and take another sip
While we reminisce about the days when we were innocent
Well sit back and get a grip
Because what lies ahead could terrify the best

Do you remember when we were restless?
We were shameless
We'd watch bad movies, laugh and never worry
Do you remember when we were dauntless?
We weren't cautious
We'd drive these canyons and never find a thing

Do you remember?
Life was painless, we were ageless
And there was no one to impress
We were courageous, friends of darkness
And our dreams were endless

(I'll always remember the Tuesdays, I'll always remember the nights)


released October 5, 2016



all rights reserved


David Charles Los Angeles, California

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